The pleasure of collective cooking

Fareeda | Fareeda lives in one of those new four storied buildings that has popped up in the recent years in the Khirkee Village. Fareeda is a middle-aged woman, newly migrated to New Delhi, from Kabul, Afganistan. She has a very elegant look and her reserve and humble character will restrain anybody from approaching her.... Continue Reading →

तंदूर को अब भी मिस करती हैं

लता जी | दुर्गा और उसकी मां लता जी खिड़की की गलियों में पिछले दो दशकों से कपड़ों की इस्त्री का काम कर रही हैं। इससे पहले उनकी दुकान एक छोटे से कोने में थी। सड़क किनारे एस्बेस्टस की छत के नीचे। वह दुकान उस एकमंजिला मकान का एक्सटेंशन थी जिसके तंग कमरों में दूर-दराज... Continue Reading →

You have saved so much of money!!

Bushra | When I was 11 years old my father died and the entire family’s responsibility came on me. At that time one aunty introduced me to the chit fund. We began the committee with 15 people and with 6000 rupees. Therefore, each one of us put 500 rupees and whoever needed that money for... Continue Reading →


Mary | Safar month is a holy month in Lunar calendar that comes once a year, and is a special month for Muslim women, especially Afghan women. Safar is celebrated only in the Muslim countries in Central Asia. It has a religious and cultural value.  Whenever a woman has a wish or desire that needs... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

Kobra | These are small words, but while hearing it, I travel to my childhood and laugh at my silly childhood. I grew up with Fairytales which were full of Magic and adventure. I always searched for the heroes in my stories, in real life, and believed that "Magic existed".  In all my troubles, I... Continue Reading →

An Afghan Wedding

Zeenat | Weddings in Afghanistan and India have lots of differences. Going to someone's wedding, being a part and witnessing someone's new life is quite exciting. In India, Afghani weddings are very rare because most of our relatives are in Afghanistan. So, one evening, when I went  to someone's wedding here in India, it reminded... Continue Reading →

An afternoon in the park

Zeenat | It is a sunny and windy day and 2:00'oclock in the afternoon. On the way to MMTC Park with two of my friends  Vidhi and Tabassum. They were  making videos and  clicking photos. At first, we reached Bhaghat Singh Park. There were many young people  playing different games like gili danda, football etc.... Continue Reading →

खिड़की में लोकल लड़कियों के लिए कोई स्पेस नहीं

लता से बातचीत मां-बेटी की जोड़ी लता और रंजना से बात करना बड़ा मजेदार है। रंजना 45 साल की है और पिछले 14 साल से धोबी और प्रेसवाली का काम करती है। लता उसकी 22 साल की बेटी है। ये दोनों वृंदावन की रहने वाली हैं और धोबी जाति की हैं। लता बताती है कि... Continue Reading →

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