An afternoon in the park

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It is a sunny and windy day and 2:00’oclock in the afternoon. On the way to MMTC Park with two of my friends  Vidhi and Tabassum.
They were  making videos and  clicking photos. At first, we reached Bhaghat Singh Park. There were many young people  playing different games like gili danda, football etc. We spent not much time in the park.
We crossed Bhagat Singh and walked to Mehta Park later on.
Here we saw some aunties sitting on the ground and happily chatting. We also saw many dogs on our way . Some were lying on the road , and the other was  looking for something in the garbage.
We walked past Mehta Park and reached  MMTC. On the way to MMTC Park, some work like construction work was going on.  We went to the side where the gym was. There we could see  children, a couple of  women and one man, who I saw earlier in the park.
Later we moved  towards an encircled area  inside the park. It is not a colony but a cluster of few houses. On the gate there were lots of clothes  hanging . To me, it seemed like a village. On every door, there were big locks. We tried calling some one but no one  answered. There was  a well outside and it was very deep . A cow was there when we were entering. There were two puppies and one kid strolling. But we couldnot see any elderly people around. Initially, the  houses seemed to be very strange and looked like they were haunted.
However  the hanging clothes on the gate reflects an existing village life. Mostly what fascinated me was the well. In the city the well is very rare. It seemed to be another unusual thing.  The houses  were old and had  small rooms.  There was no water in the well and I wondered, how they managed to live there. Apart from   pet animals, we could find  matkas ( earthen vessels) .
The well looked interesting to me . I gave more importance to that well than anything else because when ever I see any well, i just keep wondering and  lot of questions come to my mind like how deep is it? whether its is haunted or maybe it has a story. How people use it? Does it have water ? I imagine that most villages have wells .  Villages in Afghanistan have also got the wells. We can  find wells in the city as well, in the old mansions in Afghanistan, as my mother often talks about it. So it was only the well that caught my attention in that park when I went there . But when I saw that it  was not having water, I was curious to check  it’s depth and  I threw my pen in it. When I threw my pen in it, it didn’t make any loud sound, it gave a very light sound . This made me think that the well must be very deep.

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