Mother of Mine


My mother, the one I can say that is worth of my love, the one for whom I find reason in my life and smile in her and the one who if away for even a single minute, I miss her and feel like I have not seen her for years. However when one day I asked her about her childhood, I got extremely depressed when she told me how painful was her past as a child.
My mother was born as the second daughter of her father, at the point when my grandpa wanted a son. But he got another girl and then the next one was also a girl. Not only my grandpa, but the entire family was very sad as all of them desired to have a boy. The daughters all the time felt that they were burden to their family and as a result they were ready to put all kinds of effort to make their parents and everybody in the family happy.
When my mother and her two sisters were going to primary school, at that time, my grandpa was deceived by his business partner and lost his money. The government then forced my grandfather to join the army, but he denied. He could not ignore his family responsibilities, which comprises of his mother, wife and daughters. As a consequence, he was forced to move out from the place of his stay with his family to a remote town, a place where there was no school, no proper job and not even a proper house to live. It was just the mere survival that they were forced to accept.
My mother and her sisters had to leave their school and my grandpa was badly under financial pressure. Therefore my mother and my aunts along with my grandmother started knitting woolen garments and dresses for livelihood and hardly could they manage daily wages. After a while a son was born to my grandparents. They were all happy, but struggling for livelihood did not change. So whenever, I ask my mother, how was her childhood, she just says that in her childhood, there was no playing with friends, studying, no fun time, going to picnic or relaxing. But only knitting woolen clothes, worrying about the household and trying to make her brother and father happy. My mother never got a person with whom she could share her pain, the pain she went through as a girl child, as a newly wedded bride, as a wife and also as a mother. So I always feel that many a times we have also hurt her without knowing or understanding her feelings. I admire and respect her personality and wish to be like her who has endured so much pain in life.


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