I want to study peacefully

Julie, 10 years

We came to India because there was a lot of fighting and the enemies of Afghanistan would kill people and there was blood everywhere. We escaped from Afghanistan and came to India with a dream in our eyes and finally we are here. When we reached India, I promised myself that I wouldn’t return to Afghanistan ever. We had a dream of staying in a peaceful society, so that I can study here and no one can disturbs me. I want to slowly study my lessons in a good school and have an interesting job in future. I see myself as a successful person who is well settled. To become a teacher and earn money in future and help my country is my dream. I wanted to study in Afghanistan peacefully too and have a good job, but couldn’t study because people were fighting and there was no peace. Now I want to study here peacefully without the war. I want jobs for my parents so that they can pay for the shop, school fees, expenses and house needs. I am so thankful to my parents that they take care of us and always wish that they find some job so that their problems end. I want to live in a good society like Malviya Nagar and to study in a good place. If I leave my studies after one year due to finance, it will not be good. With school, our life can go on, we can get education, get good jobs in life and cultivate and serve our country. I don’t want to go back to Afghanistan because right now the situation in Afghanistan is not good. Right now there is no peace over there, and I want to live in a war-free place. I want to dress beautifully but can’t as we do not have enough money. I want to go to a garden which has grass everywhere, full of perfumed flowers but I have to remember my responsibilities as a girl too. I have to help my mother in household chores like washing the dishes, ironing, sweeping and cleaning. But one thing that disturbs me is that, this is a queer place and there is no job here. People are different, talk in a different language and act differently. But I still want to live my dream of becoming a teacher here.

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