Yesterday once more


I am an Afghan girl and was living in Kabul city since my birth. When I was 8 years old, I took admission at   Charqala primary school. I made lots of friend during the school time. The first day I entered the Charqala primary school, our class was like the skeleton of a bus and there was no chair. I had no friends and also not able to talk to any of my classmates because I didn’t know Dari (the formal language spoken). My teacher, she was a good woman but didn’t pay attention to the new comers like me. The first few days were difficult for me, as I had to adjust with the rules and regulations of the class. It was so difficult to attend the classes and I was totally lost. However after a week, I couldn’t bear not talking to anyone in the class therefore I tried to make friends. I tried hard to understand about the class lessons and did not lose any hope. As a result of my hard work I could make few good friends and also had the second position in class. So the year next, I was able to change the relation with my class. The weather was very cold and rainy. There was mud in our class and everyday my clothes got wet and dirty. However as childhood memories, I only remember those lovely days I spent with my friends. The girls in my class were cooperative as well as competitive.
For continuous two year I secured second position in our class and was very good friend of our captain who held the first position in the class.  She was a very nice and talented girl. When I was in fifth class, our class captain, left the school for another city.  We were very upset but always prayed for her success. After she left, I got the first position in the class. I couldn’t control the class as I was the youngest student among my classmates, but as a captain, I was given the responsibility to control the students in class. Then I tried to be a friendly captain for maintaining discipline in the class.  I tried to talk with them, help them in their studies and homework like – giving my notebook to them or helping them in questions etc. and also asked them to help me in maintaining the class discipline.  After I became the captain of the class I made more friends.  My responsibilities also increased. I had the challenge to maintain both responsibilities and good friendship at the same time. Therefore, I thought of the way, that I can be a captain and good friend in same time. I mixed the captainship with friendship. For example – when they came for help, I always tried my best to help them and when I asked them for help, if they helped me it was good, if not, I wouldn’t mind, and as blame my classmates, in the class. My good classmates did as I wanted and we spent many nice days with my lovely friends. As a consequences of our friendly and cooperative relationship, our class was the most intelligent and best group among the other classes in the school. We were nice with each other, as well as we had a nice and kind relationship with the teachers. They always were there to support us, especially the one who helped me in my captainship. After class 7, I got a personal problem and couldn’t go to school for one year and the next year when I rejoined the school, my classmates were in 8th class and I remain in 7th. I was very upset but maybe it was destiny then I tried to make new friends and I took my old method of making friends by being a captain. My captainship and friendship memories are wonderful. Whenever I remember them I feel that, it is not very old but only yesterday. Now when I chat with some of my school friends or go through old pictures, every time I feel that no matter how good or bad are they, those are charming memories. Every time I remember those memories, they bring smile on my lips, tears in my eyes and hope in my heart.

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