The Difference…


In Afghanistan I had a beautiful life with my family and friends. Everyday I used to go to school happily and I used to get first, second or third position in the class. The classmates were lovely and kind, in fact all were like my sisters. Whenever I was upset, they would try to make me feel happy and during examinations we would help each other out, so that everybody could get good marks. In the break time, we would all get together and sing a song loudly and then we would play games together on the board. I took admission in an extra English language course to improve my hold over the language. I used to take rest for sometime and the start for my English class. For the first few weeks I was scared to go alone for the class as I have never been out alone and there was no male escorting me to my class. This was the first time I was stepping out alone. The reason was that I was afraid of the males of different ages, they were really disgraceful. They disturbed girls, cat called, even if you are in a group. They never bothered which age are you. So the thought of encountering those male groups at the street corners would make me upset and scared. I stepped out and encountered many filthy comments, cat calls from the male group. The more I was regular in going out of the house, the more confidence I developed in going alone. After English class, I took admission in another class to do some other course. I also started working over there as a teacher of drawing and writing later. Then I also volunteered for the children. At night after dinner, I would do all my homework and go to the terrace. The terrace of my house was my favourite place where I used to go after dinner and listen to music for couple of hours in the fresh air and look at the sky contemplating on my day. I would go to bed around midnight. I really liked my free time at midnight and with every passing day I really enjoyed.

But unfortunately, the situation in Afghanistan was getting worse every day and also due to certain political issue my family decided to travel abroad leaving Afghanistan. When i first heard about it, I felt happy, angry and sad at the same time. I felt happy because I was going to continue my studies in India which is a democratic country. To me India is a beautiful place that I saw in the movies and I thought that I am going to begin a new life there and I started dreaming about that. I felt sad because only two years of my schooling was left and I had a lot of other dreams to fulfil, but unfortunately I had to give up everything. So saying goodbye to the place where I have spent my childhood was difficult. I had to leave my loved ones and move on. It was really hard and painful for me to think of that one day I would be far away from all of the places that I love and all my wishes that it made me cry.

However I reached India with my family and great hope. The first day I landed at the airport in Delhi, it was a nice feeling but as soon as we reached Malviya Nagar, the picture changed. The dirty roads of Khirki full of dogs and the small houses with no yards, the hot climate really made me feel the importance of my country. I realised the difference between paradise and hell. For first few months, rather a year, I could not sleep and barking of dogs and other noises was annoying. But gradually my family and I are trying to adjust to the present surroundings. Now trying to be habituated with all kind of new rules and ethics, I keep myself busy in lessons with my friends in Bosco. I hope to see a good future in India.

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