My Dreams


As a young boy living in a country with lots of adventure of life, I spend time on studying, going for karate club to become a healthy person and joining various programs on special occasions in schools. This will be a good experience for me as it will strengthen my background. One needs to suffer a lot for achieving something great. I should struggle hard in education as well as in providing economic opportunities for my beloved family and be a good person in the society. Burning the midnight oil, I am trying to be happy and hopeful for a delightful future in India and forget the past life. During my first few days I was sad that I had planned such a nice future for so many years and when i had presented that as an idea to my management teacher, he was amazed that how a young boy can have such a strong business sense.

Here in India, far from my beloved family, my parents, my own country, I am trying to get along with this type of life and keep myself busy with studies. I used to spend a lot of time in the school library and I have decorated my room like that with books everywhere so that I could read several books whenever I felt like. Studying was my passion and I have read a lot on philosophy, economics, chemistry, history, science of making money and many more just for having a great time in future.In my free time I would go out for walks listening to music.

As years passed and I reached class 12th, I got myself a mobile and a headphone listening to “let it go” from the cartoon movie Frozen. After listening to the song quite a number of times, my battery got dead and kept it in my schoolbag and started walking on the street. There were a few girls standing and they shouted and pointed at me saying ‘look that is Rahim, he has got hair after a long time”. That moment was indeed a funny moment and I started to think of how famous was I in the area. Later I joined a private university to do a course in BBA and along with it I was trying to have my own business, but things did not work since I shifted to India and my dreams died down. I had a dream in Kabul which made me to think more about the history of Kabul people. That dream connected me to Bamyan and Wardak. That dream brought me good memories of my parents my countryland. I miss them so much and I hope they can see everything from there that how well I am doing here.

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